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Lights, sirens, jail sentence

Most people grow out of the “pretending to be a firefighter” phase of life around the time their age hits double digits.

And then there is 44-year-old Kevin Patrick Kraft.

The Frederick County man was sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday for impersonating emergency services personnel, according to the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. Kraft was given a three-year sentence with all but a month suspended after pleading guilty in November.

The underlying incident took place in April, according to the charging documents. A Montgomery County police officer was responding with a call to assist with traffic near a two-alarm fire in Rockville when the officer saw a small, white SUV “outfitted with corner strobe lights and several red, yellow and white flashing LED lights activated,” according to the charging documents.

“The vehicle also was operating with a functioning audible siren,” the charging documents state.

The officer slowed down and to let Kraft pass at one point and later turned on the police car’s emergency equipment and “began to follow the SUV thinking we were both headed to the same location for the fire,” the charging documents state.

It turns out they were, and Kraft exited his car at the scene wearing “a vest with EMS patches on the front and back,” according to the charging documents.

“The driver… stated he was with EMS and his employment could be verified at the fire command post,” the charging documents state. “The driver also stated he was authorized to have working lights and siren in his personal vehicle.”

The officer ran Kraft’s license plate, and several firefighters on the scene said they had never heard of Kraft, according to the charging documents. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office said Kraft “is in no way affiliated with Montgomery County Fire Rescue.”

The fire marshal’s office offered one more tidbit — Kraft was convicted of second-degree arson in 1997.