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Gregory W. Fowler

Daily Record Staff//April 28, 2023

Gregory W. Fowler

By Daily Record Staff

//April 28, 2023


Higher Education Power ListGregory W. Fowler

President, University of Maryland, Global Campus

Growing up in Georgia as one of eight children, Gregory W. Fowler recognized early on how education could change the course of an individual’s life and impact communities.

His education includes a doctorate in English/American studies from State University of New York at Buffalo, a master’s of business administration in management and strategy from Western Governors University and a master’s degree in English from George Mason University. He has also completed Harvard Law School’s Executive Leadership and Negotiation Program as well as the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Higher Education/Higher Education Administration program.

What is the biggest challenge facing higher education?

Public perception of and support for higher education as primarily a coming-of-age residential experience is out of alignment with reality. Most postsecondary learners are adults seeking agile experiences and workforce demand will only grow for new skills taught in shorter, stackable bursts of learning that fit with family and work priorities. Shifting the paradigm to increase funding for “nontraditional” experiences while still supporting other educational missions will involve a balancing act.

What is the most encouraging new development in higher education?

The digital realities that allow us to see in real-time when and where individuals are struggling so we can reach out before they give up or fail; create experiences to teach and assess students based on their environments; and use machine learning to certify and credential workers as they gain skills in their lives and jobs rather than in the formal environment of typical classrooms.

What do you do to unwind?

The gym and the arts (movies, shows, concerts and museums) are all at the top of my list. One of the things I was happiest about when I moved back to the DMV was the opportunity to get lost on a regular basis on the National Mall. This year I hope to take up bicycling again on some of the trails in the area. And, being raised in the South has resulted in me loving to grill in the backyard in the evenings or on weekends.

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