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Lawsuit: Baltimore’s schools are failing students, taxpayers

A new lawsuit brought by a former Republican candidate for  Baltimore City Council president claims that city taxpayers are not receiving their money’s worth from the struggling public school system. The plaintiffs are Jovani Patterson, who fell short in his ...

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Jury awards $5M after Baltimore boy with badly broken leg not given care at school

A Baltimore jury awarded $5 million this week to the family of a 9-year-old boy who severely broke his leg during a schoolyard football game but was provided only mustard and a washcloth to bite on by public school personnel ...

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Former city vocational school teacher charged with theft

A former Baltimore City Public Schools teacher has been charged with stealing nearly $10,000 in school funds while employed as the business manager for Mergenthaler Vocational Technical School. Danean Cunningham, who was a teacher at Mergenthaler, is accused of stealing ...

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ACLU, LDF, parents ask court to reopen Baltimore school funding case

A group of parents and civil rights groups is petitioning to reopen a historic case concerning funding for Baltimore City Public Schools, the ACLU of Maryland announced Thursday. The lawsuit, Bradford v. State of Maryland, led to the creation of the Thornton ...

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Baltimore universities hope dual enrollment courses grow pipeline to careers

Maryland’s public university system has put more effort into developing dual enrollment classes with Baltimore City Public Schools as it tries to become more involved in improving education outcomes in the city. The University System of Maryland’s B-Power initiative wants ...

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Former Baltimore city teacher claims whistleblower status, challenges termination

A veteran Baltimore City Public Schools teacher has suing the school board for allegedly transferring him and then terminating his position in retaliation for his complaints about policy violations and school conditions. Scott Miller-Phoenix, who was hired as a teacher ...

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