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Baltimore gets $759K grant from feds for Howard Park grocery

A $759,000 federal community development grant was given to officials of the city’s Howard Park community Monday to help build a new grocery store there. The grant was made as part of a national Healthy Food Financing Initiative and is ...

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Bernanke calls for more lending to troubled areas

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is calling for more lending to people and small businesses in lower-income neighborhoods, saying they’ve been hurt disproportionately by the worst recession since the 1930s. Bernanke says at Fed conference on community development ...

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University of Baltimore law students take the food stamp challenge

Some University of Baltimore law students inadvertently put one foot in the real world last fall when they signed up for the Law and Poverty Seminar. In addition to reading case law related to poverty, they were required to get ...

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