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GOP senator confident Trump will protect states’ rights on marijuana (access required)

A Colorado Republican senator believes President Donald Trump will support a bipartisan congressional effort to give states autonomy over their marijuana laws – even though it would put the White House in direct conflict with its Justice Department.

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Senate Dems curb filibuster, risk future problems

Democrats quickly enjoyed the first fruits of a milestone Senate vote making it harder for the Republican minority to block President Barack Obama's nominations: They swiftly ended a GOP filibuster against one of his top judicial selections and prepared to do the same for two others.

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Democrats vote to curb filibusters on appointees

Senate Democrats eased the way for swift approval of President Barack Obama's current and future nominees on Thursday, voting unilaterally to overturn decades of Senate precedent and undermine Republicans' ability to block final votes.

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State officials hoping for federal Internet sales tax bill (access required)

It's rare that the opening oratory during a meeting of the Board of Public Works is met with the approval of all three elected officials who sit on the state board.

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