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warrantless search

Feb 27, 2017

Frosh urges Supreme Court not to review search after DUI arrest

Police may search cars of drivers arrested on drunken-driving charges based on suspicion that open cans might be found inside, Maryland's attorney general says.

The Court of Appeals building in Annapolis
Jul 27, 2015

Court of Appeals upholds post-arrest flip-phone search

Police officers may open the flip phone of a person they just arrested and examine its screen saver but need a warrant to search the text messages and other information contained within the device in the absence of a public-safety emergency, Maryland’s top court ruled Monday in a trio of decisions.

Jan 12, 2015


The State argues that appellee, who was on parole at the time of the search, had a diminished expectation of privacy. Appellee asserts that, because the officer was unaware that appellee was on parole, appellee’s status did not justify the warrantless search.

Jamie Raskin
Jan 4, 2015

Valid evidence gathering, or violation of rights?

Maryland’s top court will again examine the scope of law enforcement’s authority to collect and test a criminal suspect’s DNA without a warrant.

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