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Best lawmaker soup-strainers in Maryland

Tired of all that campaign coverage? The endless stumping, the polls and the promises about what the next four years could hold, or should hold? has an antidote for those of you who want to wean yourselves off that stuff but can’t quit Maryland politics cold turkey. Here it is, their list of the 10 best mustaches in the Maryland General Assembly.

The posting seems to have been inspired by the American Mustache Institute soliciting nominations for the  2010 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.

I’m far from a mustache expert, so I can’t tell if any of the delegates have a shot at taking home the Goulet. But I can tell you the Republicans should be worried. Their lone representative on the list, Richard Sossi, lost his primary election to the mustache-less Stephen S. Hershey Jr. (Sossi trails by 153 votes, according to unofficial results from the Board of Elections.)

Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell, who has been known to sport a mustache in the past, and Del. Andrew Serafini, who used to rock a serious ‘stache, but now goes clean-shaven, could keep the party in contention. In the spring, Serafini did an impression of fellow Western Maryland Del. Kevin Kelly, who made TBD’s list, using two pieces of electrical tape to replicate the Democrat’s mustache.

O’Donnell is more worried these days about picking up seats and taking advantage of the political climate to cut into the Democrats’ 3-1 majority in the House. But we’ll see how that top-10 list evolves as the new General Assembly heads back to Annapolis in January.

Update 5:26 p.m.

TBD has been mustache-crazed on Wednesday. They’ve posted a list of the top 10 mustaches in the Virginia General Assembly, too.

(You won’t, however, find the owner of that mystery mustache at the top of the post on a Va. official. It appears to belong to Doyle Niemann, the Prince George’s County delegate who has led many of the Maryland legislature’s efforts to combat the foreclosure crisis.)

Anyways, in Virginia, a Republican-leaning state, the GOP outnumbers Democrats 7-3 on the TBD list. Now two states don’t make a trend and we’ll certainly need more research to determine the link between state lawmaker mustaches and membership in dominant political parties. So if some political science grad student out there is looking for a thesis, I say have it. Just let us know what you find.