What to wear for on-campus interviews

On-campus interviewing season is upon us.  I participated in the mock interview program at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law a few weeks ago and I'm going back for on-campus interviews in less than two weeks. I remember participating in on-campus interviews myself.  I think it is an experience you never forget. But it's also an experience many people seriously overthink. When I got back to my office from the mock interview program, interview attire came up in a conversation with another attorney. And, particularly, the fact that interviewees obsess about what to wear. It's an especially hot topic for the ladies; there are numerous online discussions about what makeup and jewelry are appropriate for OCI. There are hot debates about whether it is appropriate to wear a shell or fine-gauge sweater under one’s suit jacket instead of a collared shirt, and, if you wear a collared shirt, whether the collar should stay inside the jacket or over the lapels. Not to mention the infamous skirt vs. pants debate. And, if you are married, should you wear your wedding ring to an interview?