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Md. conceal-carry advocate skeptical of Hogan’s statistics

Maryland is approving 95 percent of concealed-carry gun permits, according to Gov. Larry Hogan, but the leader of an organization that backs expansion of the laws in the state is skeptical and says the Republican governor is using statistics that are old and don’t tell the whole story.

Hogan, appearing Tuesday morning on the C4 Show on WBAL radio, was asked about his willingness to allow more residents to legally carry firearms under the Maryland State Police wear-and-carry permit application process.

Hogan said he supports the Second Amendment and wants to “make it tougher” for criminals and the mentally ill to access guns.

“We have to deal within the law,” Hogan said. “But we’re trying to do what we can.”

“I think people will find it’s getting a little easier,” Hogan said.

Hogan said that “95 percent of people who apply” for concealed-carry permits submitted to the Maryland State Police are approved.

“Most people are able to get a concealed-carry permit,” Hogan said. “I’m not able the change the laws that we have are some of the toughest in the country and it hasn’t stopped 330 murders in the city.”

Maryland State Police were not immediately able to verify the claims.

Dan Blasberg, president of Maryland Shall Issue, an organization that supports expanded carry laws in Maryland, said he’s skeptical of the figure and has heard it before.

“That 95 percent number has been used over the past six years,” Blasberg said. “I don’t know that we’ve seen a change.”

Blasberg said his members report that state police frequently contact applicants to inform them that they will not meet the “good and substantial reason” standard within the law and offer to return the application and the $75 processing fee.

“They tell them they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting approved, and they send back the check and application,” Blasberg said, adding that he believes those returned applications don’t figure into the statistic Hogan cited. “You’re not denied, you’re not approved but you’re also not counted.”


  1. Mark Alexander, Esq.

    Those of us who wish to carry concealed and do not have a criminal background know that ‘self defense’ is not a ‘good and substantial reason’ according to the Maryland State Police. Governor Hogan, who runs the Maryland State Police, can at any time direct the Maryland State Police that ‘self defense’ is a good and substantial reason for the permit to be issued.

    With all due respect to Governor Hogan, who I find to be an excellent governor, the statistic cited is meaningless for the simple fact that many people who would like to carry concealed do not apply. We know that the application will be denied under the current interpretation of ‘good and substantial reason.’ Once you have been denied a CC permit you must disclose that fact on any other CC permit application.

    So of course 95% of the applications are approved…the statistic that counts would be to determine how many people are not applying who would apply if ‘self defense’ was recognized as the fundamental right it truly is and therefore recognized by the Maryland State Police as a good and substantial reason for the permit to be issued.

  2. The numbers are a lie. The only reason its at 95% is because people like me who dont have the money nor the time to back are applications dont even bother. I could spend $200 dollars and tirn in an application bit I will be that 5% that gets denied cause of many reasons (like I dont always have a sufficient amount of cash pn me) I’m npt going through them all. If everyone who wants a conceal carry permit put in for an application I think 95% would get denied and only 5% would be approved.

  3. Self-defense is a basic human/civil right, and should not be subject to an unconstitutional/arbitrary interpretation by any politician/officer

  4. Of course 90 to 95% of applications are approved, because the only people who apply are people like me who own a business. With that being said, even after being issued my Maryland carry permit, it is very restrictive. I know of know one who has a total unrestricted permit.
    I personally have no issue with the 16 hr class, the fingerprints, the qualifying with my gun but even after complying with everything I still cant protect myself 24/7 its more or less from home to business and doing banking. Governor Hogan its time to change to self defense as a good and substantial reason.

  5. Hogan needs to contact Maryland Shall Issue or MSI should seek a meeting. I have a CC from Arizona but can’t get one from my home state of MD.

    I am also a veteran and work for a law enforcement agency with all the law enforcement clearances and I cannot get one.

    He can speak with me and I will explain what is going on in plain old English, not politician speak.

  6. A good and substantial reason is self defense. Maryland clearly restricts our constitutional rights. It is time for Gov. Hogan to do the right thing and support our rights. He is dodging the issue like a typical politician. We are not asking for anything unreasonable! I have no problem with proper training and vetting the individual applying, but after that we should not be denied and just plain intimidated to not apply based on the current criteria.

  7. The current citation in our country today is is very bad to say the least, all you have to do is turn on a real news channel and not an Obama lap dog network! They speak of lone wolf attacks being imminent, crime rate is thru the roof. Soft targets everywhere!!! All I know is that I could not live with myself if I where in a mall or a “soft target” area with my children or Grandchildren and there was an attack, and I was not able to defend them! The Police cannot be everywhere, I wish they could! As a former US Marine (weapons Instructor) for many years! I swore an oath to defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic as did so many others! And that’s what I will do to the very best of my ability until the day I die. I had planned on moving to PA where you are allowed to defend yourself , but too my surprise Mr. Hogan was elected Governor, He claimed to be pro 2nd amendment so I figured I’d wait and see what happens. I certainly do not advocate doing anything illegal, just use common sense! Just a little venting from an old Jarhead. Semer Fi

  8. I also have rights granted by Utah CCW, but cannot carry to protect myself and other’s in my home state. I firmly agree that it is good to have a class, license and registration. We should treat guns like we treat cars, in terms of federal reciprocity.

    Again, it’s sad that in my state of MD, my right is translated to a privilege, that I have never earned. I will not buy land or another place in MD.

  9. The number does not reflect the number that would apply if the “good and substantial” clause were removed. I don’t want to waste my time, effort and money knowing that I will denied for no other reason than that one clause. It should be the burden of the state to prove that I do not qualify for a right ” the right of the people to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed.”

  10. Governor Hogan needs to make sure he addresses this before the next election or we should vote him out. It’s that simple. The 95% figure is absolute BS and he knows it. We as Marylanders have a right to protect ourselves, that I fact the state (Governor Hogan) is denying us this right. It’s unconstitutional and if he won’t change it having him as Govenor is no different then Omalley when it comes to the 2nd ammendment.


  11. Hogan has the option to define G&S as self defense. His MSP Superintendent serves at the pleasure of the Governor. We can listen to all the back and forth from political folks but you all need to stay true and listen to me here. This is the fact. 100% legitimate fact as defined by the Maryland Constitution. If Hogan would define G&S simply by telling the MSP super to accept G&S as self defense there is nothing that can be done to stop it. If democrats get made and try to remove the MSP super all Hogan has to do is nominate the same person as an Interim Superintendent of MSP. It is permanent and has no effect on this position other than Interim being on his title in front of Superintendent. Do not expect all these gun groups to have your back.There are political ties to all of these republicans. The best thing you can do is get after the representatives yourself by sending letters and making phone calls.

  12. In 2010, I obtained the MDSP MAAFS list, that has all of the names and occupations of those who hold a MD CCW permit. When you remove the business people, the state politicians, retired police, prison guards, etc… In essence, if you remove the government, business, and people who require such for work, it leaves approximately 750 issued permits in a state of 5,000,000 residents, or less than 1/10th of 1%. The reason 95% of all permits are issued, is because only those groups aforementioned need apply. The average citizen does not apply, because they cannot obtain one. The average citizen must have a death threat leveled against them, for which, they must have documented proof, thereof. I know, I applied. I received a death threat, and the MDSP officer didn’t give me a copy of the police report, this I was denied a permit. I appealed three times, but because MD doesn’t want the average citizen to have one, I was denied all three times. I finally moved out of MD, to PA. 20 minutes, $20, and I still cannot carry in MD because they do not have reciprocity. The bottom line is that MD’s CCW laws are based on a class society. Own a business, are you a state legislator, do you defend the state, well then you can carry, all others must have a “good and substantial” reason. It’s pure and utter rubbish.

  13. As a person who can carry in 40 states, im hesitent to move to md as my rights will be revoked. Legal citizens are not a concern. Thats my biggest concern moving to be closer to family of sorts. Loss of basic rights.

  14. I am a Nuclear Security Officer and also a veteran. I just got my rejection letter back about 3 months ago stating that I do not have a good and substantial reason to need a permit. I carry two firearms at work and I am a uniform officer. I got called into the state police barrack and had an interview with an investigator and he was rude and just wanted to get my file off of his desk so he can go home and not have to look at it Monday morning.

  15. I too feel it’s time for a change in the cc law. I have recently gotten two helmet tickes on my motorcycle for wearing a non dot approved helmet, which led me to think that in a state so concerned about personal safety so much so that they will fine 110 dollars per ticket for a plastic hat but they refuse to issue a concealed carry permit to a resident with a clean record to let me exercise the right to protect myself self as I see fit. So much for being the “free state”.

  16. It’s not the governor, it’s the Democrat senators & congressman the loony left y’all need to get rid of. They controlled Maryland for to long. You want change vote Cummings and his party out of office then you will see change happen in my ex state. If a Miracle happens I would love to come back home. I live in Florida now and have my CCL. (good luck)

  17. I am a 20yr Retired Veteran, and former Govt employee (w/background & clearances) and received my CC two years ago. Upon retirement and reaching my two year state mandated re-application; I filled out the required (same) paperwork and attaching another photo (maybe a little grayer), and of course the check…I was denied !!! How can they spend all that time and effort ($) doing the required background checks and deny an already approved CC permit? Still a good guy with a gun, original reasons still valid, but denied. With so many states looking to approve cross-state-line (reciprocity) acceptance, schools and churches looking for armed (and trained) volunteers, why would a state deny a previously approved CC permit? Guess I’m one of the 5% not approved. With so much “Bad-Guy” gun violence in Baltimore, you’d think Maryland would want a “Good-Guy” with a gun…I will never travel to/near Baltimore and never spend a dime of whatever disposable income I have. What a shame.

  18. Regis Paul Thomas

    I’m a 68-year-old male and had to retire because of a disability (bad knees). I live in the Southeast corner of Baltimore County just across from the city line. I know that I am seen as an easy target by the thugs in my neighborhood and because of that I don’t venture out at night for a run to the store. I have a greater chance of being a victim of a violent crime than most business owners unless they are in my area. I’m a legal gun owner and find the HQL be the dumbest and most restrictive law around. It cost me almost as much money to take HQL then my gun cost. This I believe is a way to make it financially impossible for older people like me to get a handgun for self-defense. Also, I know that it would be a waste of time to even try for a carry permit. Crime is off the charts where I live and this I know for a fact because I have the digital equipment to monitor the police despite what our county politicians say. It’s time to vote out of office the people who are the ones who are stripping our rights away on an almost daily basis.