Margot Connor

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connor-margotMargot Connor

RoosterBio Inc.

In 2015, Margot Connor took on the role of CEO of RoosterBio Inc., a regenerative medicine company focused on manufacturing adult stem cell products and offering them in formats that enable 3D bioprinting, manufacturing, and rapid clinical use.

“Our products are designed to remove several years and millions of dollars from the product development and clinical testing cycle,” Connor says.

RoosterBio was founded in 2013 and until 2018 operated out of the Frederick Innovative Technology Center Inc. Its new building at 5295 Westview Drive has accommodated the organization’s current and future growth, housing its offices, research and development laboratories, stem cell manufacturing, and warehouse space.

“As our business continues to thrive, we’re excited to continue on our aggressive growth trajectory and significantly expand our stem cell bio-manufacturing operations in Frederick,” Connor says.

RoosterBio currently employs 25 people but expects to double that number in the next few years.

Before joining RoosterBio, Connor spent four years as a private consultant specializing in corporate development and mergers and acquisitions. She oversaw about 20 mergers and acquisitions worth $1.5 billion.

Prior to that, she held several positions with Lonza Group based in Basel, Switzerland, first as the head of corporate communications and investor relations, then as vice president and head of business development at Lonza Walkersville. She also has held senior corporate positions with Unilever and FMC.

Connor holds a bachelor’s degree in textile chemistry and marketing from the University of Maryland.

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