What did I do today?


As an adult you expect some level of autonomy in your schedule. Well, it turns out that is not the case. (OK, a little is self-inflicted).

My days now begin with a puppy telling me how to start my morning.

Puppy’s plan: We will go out, you will feed me breakfast, then I will be hyper and want to play while you are trying to get ready for work. I will totally distract you while you are trying to get ready for work because I want to play. Then when you are finally ready and dressed, I will want to go out again for a bathroom break, but also to play some more.

My Plan: Get up, get the puppy out quickly, get coffee while she eats, while she is still eating run upstairs to try to get ready as fast as possible, hoping that she is still distracted. Pray that the puppy gets back into bed and calmly hangs out. I then pack up and leave while husband deals with the rest.

Reality falls somewhere in between, but usually the puppy wins, and I leave for work much later than intended. Probably because she is so stinking cute, and I want her to be happy constantly.

My work day is no different, minus the cute puppy. I always have a plan for the day that I create the night before. Most days, around 3 p.m., I look at my to-do list and think – what have I been doing all day? That’s when I finally get around to the work I wanted to do. The e-mail fires always win, and I am rushing around to try to get substantive work completed.

Rushing around seems to be my constant state. But, I have decided to try to embrace the chaos of attempting to balance life, work, puppy, husband, gym dates, and a little fun, and just be OK with doing my best to make it all work. As one judge put it – you cannot be 100 percent at everything 100 percent of the time. Some days you’re 100 percent lawyer and 0 percent family, some days your 75 percent family, 10 percent lawyer, and 15 percent everything else.

The percentages may change, but you only have one 100 percent to give.

Angela Davis Pallozzi is counsel at Offit Kurman P.A. in Baltimore.