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Charm City Dreamers: For those who call Baltimore home

Sarah David

Sarah David

As a young professional living in Baltimore, I am often asked where I went to school. If you have lived in Baltimore for any amount of time, you know that I’m being asked about my high school. It is something that those of us who were born here and chose to return and raise our children here laugh about often — the smallness of a big city. What is often overlooked as we then joke about our schools sports’ teams (or mock trial teams, in my case) 20, 30, 40 years ago is the underlying message that we chose to stay here. So many of us who have traveled and lived in other places choose to call Baltimore home — enough of us that we look for Baltimore connections in every person we meet.

One young professional in Baltimore is trying to enhance that connectivity with his “Charm City Dreamers” podcast. Charm City Dreamers shares inspiring stories from a diverse group of leaders in Baltimore. The podcast highlights the paths that these individuals have taken to achieve their dreams. The podcast’s mission is to inspire others to dream big and to achieve incredible success. In reaching our goals, we will grow personally and professionally, and we will raise our communities.

The podcast was launched by Zachary Garber, who works as a financial adviser on the Garber Wealth Management Team. Zack is fiercely committed to Baltimore — and, yes, he went to high school here. He also started the Francis Scott Key Society for young leaders in Baltimore to develop networks with one another. He is committed to being a unifying and educating force for people in Baltimore with drive and ideas and to highlighting those who can inspire others.

So if you have a moment on your drive home or on a walk through your Baltimore neighborhood, listen to Charm City Dreamers. Learn about what other people in our community are doing to make a difference, so that 20, 30, 40 years from now we are able to connect with what were once only dreams and to engage with leaders and innovators in the city. Perhaps we will still want to know where you went to school (read: high school), but we’ll be just as excited to find out what you did next and why you decided to stay.