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alcarese-bill-mf-6539WILLIAM F. ALCARESE JR.

Owner and Attorney
Alcarese Law LLC

Since William F. Alcarese Jr. opened his law firm in October 2019, he has had a remarkable response – and all without traditional advertising.

“I have marketed myself through my network of connections and most, if not all, of my clients have been word-of-mouth referrals from other attorneys, non-attorneys and past clients,” he said.

“Your guiding light through legal matters” is the slogan for Alcarese Law. “Most clients are enduring the unfortunate circumstances of a family law case for the first time and need guidance and help along the way,” he said. “I pride myself on listening to my clients’ situations and goals, offering competent legal advice and resources and advocating for them throughout the process.”

One niche area for Alcarese is adoptions. “This is an opportunity to bring a family together. I have handled many contested and uncontested adoptions, including complex interstate adoptions, and at the end of the case, it is rewarding to receive heartfelt compliments from the parties involved.”

While family law is Alcarese’s primary area of practice, he has opened his law firm to other areas, including personal injury, civil matters and defending people in criminal and traffic cases. Judges have also been appointing Alcarese to represent children in contested divorce and custody cases.

As chair of the Professionalism Committee for the Baltimore County Bar Association, Alcarese organized a month of virtual wellness activities this spring to remind his fellow attorneys to take a break and embrace a healthy lifestyle. The series was forced to shift gears after the pandemic struck, but Alcarese didn’t give up on the idea.

The series included programs on physical, mental and financial wellness in lawyers’ professional lives, managing children while working from home, and work-from-home ergonomics.

“I learned many personal and professional lessons, including adapting to a situation outside my control, keeping the focus on our objectives and providing programs that would benefit the most members.”

Alcarese has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Loyola College and a juris doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

This is a winner profile from The Daily Record's 2020 VIP List awards. Information for this profile was sourced from the honoree's application for the award.