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Leana S. Wen: Let’s stop talking about Medicare-for-all

Dr. Leana Wen. (File)

At Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, talking about health care pretty much meant talking about Medicare-for-all — again. The controversial idea of abolishing private insurance in favor of a single, government-run program certainly deserves some rigorous back-and-forth. But not at the ...

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Dan Morhaim: The right solution for surprise billing

10-27-2016 ELKTON, MD- Janet Maldonado, care transition nurse seen there training a patient, Frank Adams, how to use the  Union hospital Telehealth System, which monitors patient health from home and lower re-admission rates.  (The Daily Record/ Maximilian Franz).

For 24 years, I represented northwest Baltimore Country in the Maryland House of Delegates, where I was proud to fight for better health care for Maryland patients. Having now returned to the world of medicine and resuming my role as ...

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Christopher Helmrath: The M&A market is ignoring economic doomsayers

Christopher Helmrath

The alarmist news on economic indicators seems like a constant drumbeat these days: History says economic expansions aren’t supposed to last this long, bond yields are inverted, major economies in Europe and Japan are supposedly stuck in a no-growth pattern, ...

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David A. Plymyer: Evaluating judicial performance


Maybe the decision by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in Delvonta Morten v. State of Maryland filed on Sept. 4 will do what nothing else has done: persuade the Maryland judiciary to adopt a formal system for evaluating judicial performance. At ...

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Matthew Keefer: The Great Wealth Transfer

Matthew Keefer (Dennis Drenner 2016

We are on the precipice of a Great Wealth Transfer. After years of hard work, baby boomers are poised to pass along an astounding $68 trillion of it to Gen X, Y and Z heirs over the next 25 years. ...

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Raegan McDonald-Mosley: A frontal assault on poor women

Planned Parenthood on Howard Street in Baltimore. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

For half a century Title X has been the sole federal grant program dedicated to advancing access to comprehensive family planning services in the United States. Until last month the program provided high-quality, affordable, and preventive health care for low-income, young, ...

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