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Hoping for a rail revival in Baltimore


One of my earliest childhood memories is that of being lost … in New York City’s Pennsylvania Station. It was only a brief time that my four-year-old self was separated from my mother, but I certainly felt then and remember ...

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Baltimore’s silent crisis: Fatal opioid overdoses 


Much has been made of Baltimore’s violent crime crisis, especially homicides, which have been above 300 annually since 2015. Unless there is a dramatic shift, the city seems on track to see more than 300 murders again in 2021. The ...

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Retrofitting parking lots and garages could help housing issues


Housing affordability was an issue in Maryland long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19. As early as 2016, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimated that the state had a shortfall of nearly 191,000 affordable rental units. ...

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Hospital immunity for data bank filings


The federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) can save hospitals from costly damages arising from a suit brought by a doctor who is the subject of a hospital report to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Huron Regional Medical Center ...

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Cutting costs for prescription drugs shouldn’t mean cutting access to care


Patients who face high out-of-pocket costs for their prescription drugs are too often forced to decide between purchasing their medicine or putting food on the table. In Maryland, many of the highest-cost prescription drugs treat conditions that disproportionately impact seniors ...

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Md. lawmakers’ paid leave proposals well-intentioned but misguided


No solution should ever add to the problem it’s meant to address, but Maryland lawmakers are about to do just that. The Maryland General Assembly is considering two paid leave proposals, HB581/SB486 and HB375/SB211, that will create major compliance challenges for employers. The ...

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