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Ana Luisa Mendoza

mendoza-ana-luisa13mfAna Luisa Mendoza

Engineering Program Manager

Northrop Grumman

From a very young age, Ana Luisa Mendoza was always amazed to know how things worked. “From the refrigerator to the TV to the blender, technology and its evolution has always captivated me,” she said. “Hearing about airplanes and how they flew and hearing about rockets being launched into space and the moon fascinated me even more.”

Since graduating from the University of Maryland College Park in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Mendoza has worked at Northrup Grumman, rising through the corporation to become deputy program manager/engineering program manager. “I love knowing that the products I design, build and test support such a great mission such as keeping our nation and military safe,” she said. “Leading a team of engineers to work toward a common goal and providing a product that meets customer requirements and needs is very valuable to me and the programs I support.”

Proud of her Dominican Republic roots, she helped to found the Caobas Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating a platform of educational resources and opportunities for disadvantaged Hispanic youth in the Washington area and her birth country. “I am hoping that I can make an impact on the next generation, providing added value into their education and sharing with them that if you work smart, persevere and are dedicated, you can have a very successful career,” she said.