Maryland COVID-19 charts: confirmed cases, deaths and other data over time

This page was updated Jan. 22, using preliminary data from the state of Maryland, which releases figures around 10 a.m. daily, and the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.

COVID-19 statistics as of Jan. 22 (with change from previous day in parentheses):

Confirmed cases: 336,915 (+2,396)
Confirmed deaths: 6,617 (+57)
Currently hospitalized: 1,768 (-44)
Of those reported hospitalized, 1,344 were in acute care beds and 424 in intensive care beds.
Total vaccinated, first dose: 280,769 (+16,675) second dose: 34,092 (+3,212)

Jan. 21 7-day positive average: 7.50% (-0.16%)
Johns Hopkins 7-day positive average: 6.0% (-0.1%)


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