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alternative dispute resolution

Leaders in Law
Mar 3, 2023

The Daily Record announces winners of 2023 Leaders in Law

The Daily Record and the Maryland State Bar Association honor outstanding lawyers and judges annually through the Leaders in Law awards program.

Jun 26, 2019

8 seasons of war in ‘Game of Thrones’ lead to ADR

A friend and colleague pointed out to me that the entire eight-year run of the hit television series “Game of Thrones” – where sustained conflict inflicted countless deaths and drained unimaginable resources – resulted in a form of alternative dispute resolution. The leaders of the Seven Kingdoms met to discuss and negotiate their collective future. […]

Aug 15, 2018

How to buy a car using ADR skills — and saving thousands

I treated car buying as a week-long mediation and was able to save thousands through negotiation.

Feb 7, 2018

Jeff Trueman: When searching for a mediator, look by listening

The private mediation market is flooded with people looking to break into the field. When law students ask me whether they can make a career in mediation, I tell them to become a well-respected judge for about a decade, retire, and then business will be much easier to generate without the need for advanced ADR […]

Jun 14, 2017

MSBA panel examines how mediation in orphans’ court can keep feuding families together

When families fight, mediation can help resolve disputes before rifts form and relatives stop speaking to each other. And, as people live longer, there are more possible conflicts among family members about who takes care of an aging parent, who serves as personal representative for an estate and the distribution of property after someone dies. […]

Jun 17, 2016

Study: As ADR grows in Md., courts, participants reap benefits

OCEAN CITY – Court-affiliated alternative dispute resolution has grown quickly in Maryland since its inception several decades ago, with more than 70 individual ADR programs currently able to handle family law, civil and criminal cases from the district courts to the Court of Special Appeals. An extensive statewide study examining these programs has found ADR’s […]

Mar 15, 2016

Steven I. Platt: The new and improved resolution of disputes

This column is the first of a series of columns which will detail the parallel growth and development of alternative dispute resolution in Maryland with the advent and evolution of “problem-solving courts.” Upon reflection, this seems not to have been a coincidence. Both the utilization of ADR and “problem–solving courts” proceed from the premise that […]

Oct 15, 2015

Harrell, recently retired judge, becomes a neutral

Now-retired Court of Appeals Judge Glenn T. Harrell Jr. saw it coming as he approached the state's mandatory judicial retirement age of 70.

Aug 24, 2015

‘Neutrals’ in high gear

Alternative dispute resolution was once thought of as a resource primarily for small claims and family law cases but is now gaining traction in more high-stakes lawsuits, including commercial litigation and business disputes. ADR also is often considered the purview of retired judges and litigators. Now, a group of actively practicing attorneys is renewing its […]

Jun 16, 2014

Brightest booth at the beach

Of all the awards presented at the Maryland State Bar Association's Annual Meeting in Ocean City, the one you won't find is a prize for Best Booth.

Oct 5, 2012

Five join Creative Dispute Resolutions

Retired judges Gale E. Rasin and Stephen P. Johnson and lawyers David K. Bowersox, Louis J. Levy and Roger D. Meade have joined the alternative dispute resolution panel at Creative Dispute Resolutions LLC.

Sep 9, 2012

Opinions – 9/10/12: Maryland Court of Appeals

Alternative Dispute Resolution Grounds for vacating arbitration award BOTTOM LINE: Appellate court erred when it vacated arbitration award on basis that award was “completely irrational” and demonstrated “manifest disregard of the law.” CASE: Downey v. Sharp, No. 19, Sept. Term, 2011 (filed Aug. 23, 2012) (Judges Bell, Harrell, Battaglia, Greene, Adkins, Barbera & ELDRIDGE (retired, [&[...]

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