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Realities of Real Estate: Looking high and low for trends (access required)

Over the past decade, the housing market has been through such turmoil that it’s difficult to define what’s normal anymore, and the degree to which the healing process has taken place can vary substantially depending on housing type and geographic location.

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Realities of Real Estate: Stop, look and list – Choosing a listing agent (access required)

With spring just around the corner, this is a time of year when many homeowners think about putting their house on the market. Some might choose to go it alone; others will hire a real estate agent to get the job done.

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Realities of Real Estate: Almost like housing bubble never happened (access required)

The housing bubble affected everyone, with a gut-wrenching roller-coaster ride from boom to bust. However, as bad as it was, the housing market, especially in our area, has recovered.

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Realities of Real Estate: Shifting into recovery mode (access required)

When you drive down New York Avenue into Washington, you’d think that the economy is booming. The skyline is dotted with construction cranes (we counted 12 on our last trip in), and the District is humming with the buzz of new buildings going up left and right.

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