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With Md. laws in their sights, gun rights advocates hail high court’s ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision has emboldened Maryland gun rights advocates in their pending Second Amendment challenges to the state’s handgun permitting and licensing requirements.

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House GOP assails Frosh for less litigious ‘zeal’ with Biden than Trump

Maryland House Republicans assailed the state’s Democratic attorney general Monday for not suing President Joe Biden with the same gusto he took on President Donald Trump in court for federal actions perceived to harm the state or its residents. The ...

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Md. weapons ban fails strict scrutiny, gun groups tell justices

Maryland’s ban on semiautomatic assault-style weapons violates the constitutional right to bear arms because the blanket prohibition is not narrowly tailored to achieve the compelling governmental interest of public safety, gun rights advocates stated last week in their final bid ...

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Frosh defends assault weapons ban against Second Amendment attack

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh on Friday defended the constitutionality of the state’s ban on semiautomatic assault-style weapons against a U.S. Supreme Court challenge by gun rights advocates.

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Md. Senate, House pass conflicting ‘ghost gun’ ban bills

The Maryland Senate and House of Delegates have passed conflicting legislation to ban the possession of “ghost guns,” the increasingly prevalent untraceable firearms that can be assembled at home with parts bought online, regardless of the assembler’s age or criminal ...

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Supreme Court shows interest in challenge to Md. assault weapons ban

The U.S. Supreme Court has shown interest in hearing gun rights advocates’ contention that Maryland’s ban on semiautomatic assault-style weapons violates the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, a Second Amendment argument the high court declined to consider five ...

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