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Steiner talks minimum wage and the 2014 General Assembly session

Marc Steiner takes a look at the issue in a podcast that is part of his lead-up to his 11th annual Annapolis Summit show on Jan. 8. The radio host speaks with Dels. Mary Washington and Andrew Serafini about the minimum wage issue.

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Top court won’t stay lawyers-at-bail ruling

Maryland’s top court said Wednesday it will not stay its landmark decision that criminal defendants have a constitutional right to counsel at initial bail hearings — but even so, it may have prolonged the seven-year legal fight between the accused and the state.

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Md. panel suggests licensing of biolabs

HAGERSTOWN — Maryland should consider registering and licensing certain biological laboratories that handle deadly pathogens not lethal enough to be considered potential biological weapons, a state workgroup suggested Friday. Such pathogens include the organisms that cause Legionnaire’s disease, tuberculosis and ...

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