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Mass. top court: Schools can be liable for suicides but clears MIT

In this April 3, 2017 file photo, students walk past the "Great Dome" atop Building 10 on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge, Mass. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Monday, May 7, 2018, that MIT cannot be held responsible for the 2009 death of graduate student Han Nugyen who killed himself. His family's lawsuit said that the school knew he was a suicide risk and could have prevented his death. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

Schools can be held liable for student suicides in certain circumstances, Massachusetts' highest court said Monday in a ruling that also cleared the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of responsibility for the death of a graduate student who killed himself on campus in 2009.

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About half of Md. college students report binge drinking

(The Daily Record/Rich Dennison)

A sizable number of Maryland college students say they have experienced negative consequences of drinking, like performing poorly on a test, and the vast majority say alcohol is easy to access. And almost half of them say they’ve engaged in binge drinking.

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Academics talk research reform

If American research universities aren’t already in crisis mode, they’re getting close, according to some government, business, and academic leaders who gathered in Baltimore on Thursday to address a host of funding and policy issues they say are undercutting what should be a vibrant scientific climate.

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