The importance of self-care and routines

Richard Adams//April 17, 2019

The importance of self-care and routines

By Richard Adams

//April 17, 2019

Richard Adams
Richard Adams

As springtime causes allergies – and as fluky spring weather brings on colds — I wanted to focus on the importance of self-care and routines. While we often discuss business development strategies and trade networking tips, we don’t talk much about one of our best resources — our bodies. If we are not getting the rest we need or otherwise taking care of ourselves, we won’t be able to provide our clients, colleagues and family members with the legal services and support they need from us. Success starts at home.

Lately, my husband and I have made it a rule to get off the phone and computer a few hours before bedtime. This is not an easy rule to follow. After all, while watching Netflix, we can’t research an actor on IMDb or check our work email “just one more time.” But I’ve noticed that foregoing electronics before bed has helped me sleep better.

More about sleep: It’s important to get enough. Everyone is different, but if you are feeling tired or groggy during the week, you might need to start going to bed earlier or getting up later. Try to stop yourself from reading one more chapter of that book (easier said than done!) or, even worse, staying up all night to finish a project you promised would be ready tomorrow. There is definitely a connection between sleep and productivity – and perhaps overall happiness. So please try to catch more Zs.

Self-care is also about knowing when to say “no.” If you are feeling overwhelmed, seek help from your colleagues or family members. As young attorneys, we seem to be expected to do it all. Don’t fall into this trap. It’s OK to say no. Doing so might just provide the break you need to replenish your strength so that you can conquer the world later.

Do you have any tips for self-care or routines that have helped improve your quality of life?

Richard Adams is an associate with Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP in Baltimore.


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