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IonQ unveils new Quantum Data Center in College Park

Quantum computing company IonQ Thursday announced the opening of its new Quantum Data Center in College Park.

In addition to IonQ’s current space, the 23,000 square-foot Quantum Data Center, located in Maryland’s Discovery District, will house IonQ’s existing state-of-the-art quantum computers. This will significantly expedite the development of future, more powerful quantum computers for commercial use.

IonQ will move into the new space this month.

This new space marks IonQ’s first major expansion and will feature increased reliability via both onsite generators and battery backups, backup quantum computers and state of the art security. It will also feature redundant point of presence (PoP) connections to the Internet2 backbone, the nation’s coast-to-coast research network that provides secure research environments for universities.

The new Quantum Data Center can accommodate 10 quantum computers, with space for more as IonQ’s systems simultaneously scale down in size and scale up in number of qubits with each new generation. Currently, IonQ is working on three new generations of quantum computers in parallel, with each expected to be exponentially more powerful than the last.

In addition to the Quantum Data Center, the new space also features 10 conference rooms, Class A office space and two clean rooms for scientific research to enable increased productivity. The combined space can support up to 175 employees, and IonQ has already hired 25 new employees since a recent funding raise and expects to continue aggressively recruiting talent in the years to come.

To remain cognizant of the health implications of working in a high-density workspace, IonQ’s Quantum Data Center provides ample space to maintain social distancing and future-proof the workspace.

The Quantum Data Center was made possible in part by a $5.5 million investment from the University of Maryland to quicken advancements in research, innovation, and learning, creating economic and social benefits for Maryland and beyond.

This follows recent new funding from Lockheed Martin, Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and Cambium VC, as well as the addition of four prominent new advisers to IonQ’s board.

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