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Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis

Community College of Baltimore County

Dr. Sandra L. Kurtinitis has been the president of the Community College of Baltimore County for 16 years and a community college professional for more than five decades.

The school educates more than 65,000 students each year. Kurtinitis has received several awards for her work, including more recently the Kohlberg Prize for the school’s work supporting student veterans.

What makes you excited about your job?

I draw pleasure and inspiration from the work we do every day that translates into extraordinary opportunities and economic gain for thousands of students each year. CCBC is now a minority-majority institution, which links the college’s equity agenda with the extraordinary impact our college has upon the economic well-being of our region. CCBC is committed to taking actions that matter not just mouthing empty words. Every day I get to preside over an institution that directly impacts people’s lives in a positive way. What more satisfaction could anyone wish?

What is the biggest challenge your organization now faces?

Our biggest challenge remains maneuvering through COVID-19. Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, we are coming out from the darkness of the pandemic into some new bright space. We don’t know yet where we will land, but we have a pretty good idea that a combination of bold vision and shared values will get us through the next phase. We know where we have been and understand where we must go. We have already proven ourselves to be resilient, resourceful and ready to overcome any challenge, especially when it comes to providing outstanding learning experiences for our students.