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Mary Pat Seurkamp

President Emerita, Notre Dame of Maryland University
Chair, Maryland Higher Education Commission

For nine years, Mary Pat Seurkamp has served as president emerita at Notre Dame of Maryland University. She is also a founding partner of MPK&D Consulting, which seeks to offer solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing higher education institutions. Seurkamp also serves as the education strategy and leadership consulting chair at the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

What makes you excited about your job?

In my consulting work, I thoroughly enjoy sup- porting university leaders across the country in their commitment to ensure a high quality of education for their students. The successes I have been privileged to witness in individual students and the benefits accrued to them is what drives my engagement and provides great satisfaction.

How has your organization and your work changed because of the pandemic?

Much of my work shifted to a virtual environment. We learned how to do this effectively and that many times this could be a viable alternative to in-person meetings. At the same time, there are many instances when in-person interactions are more beneficial and easier to man- age. The take-away from all of this, I believe, is that most of us will use a hybrid approach as we go forward, establishing a good balance between in-person and virtual interactions. We’ll likely be more efficient with our time because we’ll have more options open to us.