Jennifer Aguglia

Daily Record Staff//August 24, 2022

Jennifer Aguglia

By Daily Record Staff

//August 24, 2022

Jennifer Aguglia

Vice President of Outpatient Services

Ashley Addiction Treatment

Joining Ashley Addiction Treatment in 2015, Jennifer Aguglia has held several positions with increasing authority, including clinical manager and clinical director. In her current role as vice president of outpatient services, she oversees the development of new offerings as well as the daily operations of their two outpatient locations.

Passionate about helping those with addictions, especially women with children and pregnant women, Aguglia is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a master’s from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

What do you think is the No. 1 challenge working women face?

Women have unique challenges to overcome when it comes to balancing career and family life because of societal expectations. Women are often expected to be the homemaker, caretakers, and maintain a career, but our society is not built to gracefully accommodate these roles.

As a result, it is more challenging for a woman to be successful. These perceived or actual responsibilities in the home may also hold a woman back from desired growth in her career. We need to create space to help them balance these roles.

How would you say you inspired change in your organization or the community as an up-and-coming leader?

I believe we are all responsible for giving back to the community we reside and work, which can be inspirational for staff and strengthen our neighborhoods.

What do you consider your most significant professional accomplishment to be?

When the COVID pandemic began, I swiftly implemented telehealth services in Harford and Cecil counties which allowed us to continue accepting new patients while providing uninterrupted services during a time of great uncertainty and need for behavioral health care. This resulted in more people starting and remaining in treatment, with an increase of 11% for completion rates, and an eight percent increase in new patient evaluations.

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