Northeast Maglev launches STEAM enrichment program

Daily Record Staff//November 23, 2022

Northeast Maglev launches STEAM enrichment program

By Daily Record Staff

//November 23, 2022

Northeast Maglev, a Baltimore-based company focused on bringing the world’s fastest train to the Northeast corridor, recently launched a STEAM afterschool enrichment program.

Designed by former educators, students learn through hands-on experimentation about the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics principles that make the SCMAGLEV train operate.

Northeast Maglev teamed up with Restoring Inner-City Hope (RICH) to launch the program, hosting third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students at the RICH headquarters in the south Baltimore neighborhood of Cherry Hill. The event was part of Northeast Maglev’s celebration of National Education Month, which is observed every November.

Over two hours, students learn about and experimented with a few of the scientific and technological concepts that enable the superconducting Maglev train to levitate and reach high speeds.

The curriculum explains magnetic fields, friction, and levitation through various hands-on experiments. It also includes a demonstration involving liquid nitrogen that shows students the relationship between ultra-low temperatures and superconductivity. Finally, students work in teams to construct and design a miniature Maglev to race down a magnetic track, empowering them to apply their new knowledge on the spot.

Northeast Maglev is a private, U.S. and veteran-owned company working to promote the superconducting Maglev train as a safe transportation solution that will revolutionize how people live and work in the Baltimore/Washington area, one of the most congested regions in the U.S.

The first leg will provide 15-minute service between Baltimore and Washington and ultimately one-hour service will be provided from Washington to New York City. The Northeast Maglev is modeled on the Central Japan Railway SCMAGLEV project in operation since 1998.



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