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Rosen & Rahl: Court permits commission payments under EKRA

When making payments to those who perform marketing and other services or refer patients, health care providers must not only be aware of the restrictions and penalties imposed under federal anti-kickback provisions (AKS) and the Stark Law, but an additional ...

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In states where abortion is banned, kids, families face uphill climb

Some proponents of abortion bans and restrictions say they are concerned about “supporting not just life,” but what they call “quality of life worth living,” saying they want to promote laws and policies that help families. Three authors from Brigham ...

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The Supreme Court’s selective reading of history

The history of abortion in the U.S. guided some of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision. Alito argued that abortion has never been a “deeply rooted” constitutional right in the United ...

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Here’s what is really driving our polarization (it’s not social media)

The past two election cycles have seen an explosion of attention given to “echo chambers,” or communities where a narrow set of views makes people less likely to challenge their own opinions. Much of this concern has focused on the ...

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Financial education is fundamental education

Within our ever-evolving financial landscape, financial education should be treated as a fundamental aspect of K-12 education for students in Maryland and beyond. As investment opportunities, wealth management practices, and banking as a whole continue to shift and evolve with ...

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