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Court of Appeals reinstates murder conviction for Eldersburg tavern shooting

Maryland’s top court Tuesday reinstated a murder conviction after finding a supplemental jury instruction on transferred intent was not an abuse of the trial court’s discretion. Jacob Bircher received a life sentence in 2014 after being convicted of first-degree murder ...

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Court says state can also appeal retrial ruling

Saying what’s good for the defense is good for the state, a Maryland appeals court has ruled prosecutors can appeal a judge’s decision that a convict should be granted a retrial based on newly discovered evidence and a reasonable showing of “actual innocence.”

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Judge’s instruction to holdout juror is criticized

A judge’s instruction to a holdout juror that he listen to his fellow jurors and consider the evidence very carefully denied the defendant a fair trial, a Maryland appeals court has said in overturning an armed robbery conviction and 40-year prison sentence.

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