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ABA’s civic literacy survey yields ‘troubling’ results

John Roberts might need a better press agent. Less than half of the American public knows Roberts is chief justice of the United States, a position he has held since 2005. The 49 percent of the population in the know ...

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Gene Policinski: Teacher flunks First Amendment 101

In this contentious election year, it seems almost quaint to hear someone insist that it’s socially incorrect – and possibly illegal – to criticize the president of the United States as opposed to a candidate for the office. Quaint, except ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Right time, right place for Lee

About 100 years ago, this proud democracy decided it was time to let the voters vote for U.S. senators — before insiders tailored the field to their specifications. Until 1913, U.S. senators were chosen by state legislators, bosses and maybe ...

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Opinions differ on color for Maryland State House dome

ANNAPOLIS— The State House dome, which is getting a new paint job, is a near-sacred place for people who appreciate its historical significance. And because people care so deeply, there is a vigorous debate going on over what color it ...

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National Archives employee accused of stealing

WASHINGTON — A former employee of the agency that safeguards the nation’s records including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution has been charged with stealing from the agency over a 10-year period. Leslie Charles Waffen, who worked at the ...

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