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Md. high court: Prior-conviction admissibility ruling must come early

Except in rare circumstances, trial judges must decide whether criminal defendants’ prior convictions can be admitted as impeachment evidence before they choose to testify, lest the uncertainty of admissibility have a chilling effect on their right to speak in their own defense, Maryland’s top court ruled Wednesday.

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Senate panel weighs bills permitting prior bad acts in rape cases

ANNAPOLIS – Prosecutors and defense counsel battled Wednesday over legislation that would permit the prosecution to introduce as evidence at trial an accused rapist’s prior sexual assaults. Appearing before a Senate committee, prosecutors called such prior bad acts evidence often ...

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Appealing his first-degree murder conviction, appellant asks: I. Whether the trial court erred or abused its discretion in admitting evidence regarding the extent of appellant’s gang involvement. II. Whether the trial court abused its discretion by limiting the defense’s cross-examination of a prosecution witness.

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