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EBDI is buying out Miss Daisy for $250K (access required)

Daisy Jackson has worked the small, cut-rate liquor store she owns at Eager Street and North Broadway since 1975. But all week, the 74-year-old was clearing out nearly a lifetime of memories at D and A Liquors as she prepares to vacate the red-brick row house decorated with brown paneling, wood shelves, bulletproof Plexiglas and posters ...


  1. She earn every dime of that money ebdi did not keep one promise to her unfortunately another long time community business gone, just the contractors from that community where are they, who’s making all the money

  2. God Bless Ms Daisy Walker Jackson. EB will really miss this
    lady! We have loved this lady since our childhood. In her
    youth, she was a much loved insurance agent for North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company,located in Old Town Mall,
    and later, also the prettiest sales manager at Robert Halls on Edison Hyw.
    As for the $250K, peanuts for that particular corner. Certainly hope she picked up another $300K for the liquor
    license ! Wonder who EBDI will sell the liquor license to?

    Hats Off…to Ms Daisy one of the two remaining female store
    owners in what is still known as Middle East.

  3. Hope EBDI will burn that liquor license. Too many liquor outlets in Baltimore.