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New study finds variation in custody time for dads nationwide

Danny Jacobs//June 5, 2018

New study finds variation in custody time for dads nationwide

By Danny Jacobs

//June 5, 2018

Divorced dads in Maryland receive about 26 percent of custody time of their children, the 38th-most in the country, according to a new study.

Dads nationwide receive about 35 percent of child custody time, according to the study from Custody X Change, a website that helps divorced, separated or single parents create and track parenting plans.

The research was based on “judicial standards and a survey of legal professionals about the visitation schedules they most often see” and shows the “most commonly awarded visitation schedules given to a non-custodial parent by state,” according to Custody X Change.

The cases considered were those where both parents want custody and there were no extenuating circumstances, such as a criminal conviction.

Twenty states, including Virginia and Delaware, tied for the top spot at 50 percent child custody time. Tennessee was last, at just under 22 percent.

“We’re hoping this study will affect the dialog that’s taking place as states consider changing their custody laws,” said Ben Coltrin, Custody X Change co-founder and president. “States may increase time for dads, as they compare themselves to their neighbor-states.”

The study comes as many states are considering co-parenting bills.


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