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Gregory W. Fowler, Ph.D.

University of Maryland Global Campus

During his 25-year career in higher education, Gregory W. Fowler has held senior-level academic and administrative positions at a number of institutions, including Western Governors University in Salt Lake City and Southern New Hampshire University.

In January of this year, he took over as president of the University of Maryland Global Campus, the on- line-focused school that serves mostly adult students around the world.

What makes you excited about your job?

UMGC has a 75-year history of serving adult and military learners beyond the boundaries of the traditional campus on all seven continents. I am excited to continue expanding on that mission and tradition. Our team is bringing new levels of deliberate design and transparency to learning experiences—credit and noncredit — that address the needs of new markets with high levels of support and accountability.

How have you been personally affected by the pandemic?

COVID-19 started shutting things down just as the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd cases hit the news. I grew up attending high school events not far from where Arbery was killed. That could have been me.

Isolation gave me a chance to reflect on what mattered, including my relationships with others and theirs with me, especially anytime someone close to me contracted COVID, and certainly when someone passed away. Both personally and professionally, I have a greater sense of self and purpose now and, to paraphrase Mandela, want even more to use education of the underserved to change the world.