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Shana O. Ntiri, M.D., MPH

Shana O. Ntiri, M.D., MPH

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Shana O. Ntiri, M.D., MPH

Assistant Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine

What is your most significant accomplishment?

Professionally, I consider my most significant accomplishment the impact my work has had upon cancer outcomes in metropolitan Baltimore as the medical director for the Baltimore City Cancer Program (BCCP). The program provides no-cost breast, cervical and colorectal cancer control services for low-income and un/underinsured residents of metropolitan Baltimore. The individuals served by BCCP are primarily racial and ethnic minorities — the majority of BCCP services are delivered to Hispanic/Latino persons followed by African Americans and whites.

Through BCCP services, more than 150,000 individuals have received cancer education, more than 38,000 cancer screenings have been performed and 163 individuals have been diagnosed with cancer. The BCCP has countered the mortality outcomes too often seen within underserved patient populations. Most individuals diagnosed with cancer through BCCP are survivors, the program has an overall survival rate of 93.7%. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on cancer screening. While cancer screening across the nation dropped by 85% in the months following the pandemic and similar programs have closed their doors, under my leadership BCCP services have remained constant as does our commitment to the provision of cancer control services for underserved communities.

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