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Use of drone to surveil couple’s property illegal, court rules

Long Lake Township in Michigan had used photos taken by a drone to bolster its claim that a couple had violated a zoning ordinance and a prior settlement agreement.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

A Michigan township violated a couple’s Fourth Amendment protections when it used a drone to take aerial photographs of their property without a warrant and then used those photos as evidence against the couple in a nuisance action. The Grand ...

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Lessons I learned to be more effective as a woman lawyer


I am an introvert and a perfectionist. I am also a woman and a litigator. I think I am not alone in wearing all these hats. As a young attorney, I spent a lot of time keeping my thoughts and ...

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Judge dismisses suit over trucker’s death

A vehicle sits on the road by a missing section of guard rail along a segment of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel where a tractor-trailer went over the southbound side at the 15-mile marker, Thursday afternoon Feb. 9, 2017, near Virginia Beach, Virginia. The truck driver, Joseph Chen, died after heavy winds swept his tractor trailer off the 23-mile bridge-tunnel between Virginia Beach and the Delmarva Peninsula, and into the 45-degree, wind-swept waters below, authorities said. (Bill Tiernan/The Virginian-Pilot via AP)

RICHMOND, VA — Despite concern with the way wind-related travel restrictions were handled at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the evidence was insufficient to show those problems caused the death of a truck driver whose rig went over the side ...

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Women to see increase in philanthropic giving power


Research shows that over the next few decades, women are poised to inherit roughly 70% of intergenerational wealth. Making these numbers even more impressive is the fact that some of these women (traditional couples) may inherit twice: from their parents ...

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