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Making high oil prices a positive for your business

Higher oil price costs threaten business owners’ profits, sales, and viability in the near term. However, we believe this provides further incentives for business owners to accelerate energy transition plans. What do higher oil prices mean for business owners? They ...

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Here’s when corporate do-good efforts actually work

Customers spent more buying stuff from companies that engaged in corporate social responsibility than those that didn’t – as long as those do-gooder efforts actually addressed damage the businesses caused. That’s the main takeaway of a new study I conducted ...

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Behind the crypto hype is an ideology of social change

Ads for blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin seem to be everywhere. Crypto technologies are being promoted as a replacement for banks; a new way to buy art; the next big investment opportunity, and an essential part of the metaverse. ...

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Local governments are attractive targets for hackers and are ill-prepared

President Joe Biden on March 21, 2022, warned that Russian cyberattacks on U.S. targets are likely, though the government has not identified a specific threat. Biden urged the private sector: “Harden your cyber defenses immediately.” It is a costly fact ...

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Helping save community pharmacies

In recent years, the burdens of operating a small community pharmacy have grown. We have seen this play out across the country, as many established, small business pharmacies that have served their communities faithfully for decades have been forced to ...

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It’s time to repair our roads

The federal focus on infrastructure is an incredible opportunity for Maryland to address the needs of communities across our state. Specifically, Maryland can do a better job focusing on locally maintained roads and bridges than it has for the last ...

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