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Dolores Dorsainvil, Esq.

Dolores Dorsainvil, Esq. Senior Staff Attorney District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel  Dolores Dorsainvil, Esq., is a senior staff attorney with the District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel, where she investigates and — where necessary — prosecutes D.C. ...

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Carol L. Coughlin

Carol L. Coughlin CEO BottomLine Growth Strategies Inc.  Carol L. Coughlin is the CEO of BottomLine Growth Strategies Inc., a growth advisory services firm she founded in 2006 to help companies of various industries to grow profitably and sustainably. Coughlin, ...

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Kimberly L. Coble

Kimberly L. Coble Vice President Chesapeake Bay Foundation  Kim L. Coble has played a pivotal role in the regional movement to save the Chesapeake Bay. As a vice president for the science and policy program at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, ...

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Hon. Jeannie E. Cho

Hon. Jeannie E. Cho Associate Judge District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County  The Hon. Jeannie E. Cho has served as an associate judge for the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County since 2012 following a successful career in ...

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Barbara Marx Brocato

Barbara Marx Brocato Founder & President Barbara Marx Brocato & Associates  Barbara Marx Brocato is the founder and president of Barbara Marx Brocato & Associates. She has spent the majority of her professional life working in Annapolis both in the ...

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David L. Warnock

David L. Warnock Managing Member Camden Partners Holdings LLC  David L. Warnock learned about the cycle of drug use, violence and family deterioration in Baltimore the hard way when in the early 1990s a young kid he mentored for years ...

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