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Author Archives: Randi Lewis

Maryland’s new ban on salary history questions

Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, all Maryland employers, regardless of size, will be prohibited from asking a job applicant to provide compensation history. At the end of the 2020 legislative session, the General Assembly amended Maryland’s Equal Pay Act to prohibit ...

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Ace your video interview in these unprecedented times

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, while some businesses and law firms have rescheduled interviews, others are taking the opportunity to get ahead of the hiring curve by conducting their interviews by videoconference. I have been preparing lawyers over the ...

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Partners’ survey highlights importance of lateral integration

Hiring and retaining lateral partners is integral to the growth strategies of major law firms. Ensuring lateral partner engagement and satisfaction is essential for retention of these new additions. Partners exploring the market and law firms courting them can make ...

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6 interview strategies for solo & small law firms

Hiring the right lawyers is a critical component of any law firm’s success. But developing an interview strategy to heighten the chances of successful hiring is even more important for solo and small practices because they have little room for ...

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Gender pay gap persists among Big Law partners

It’s 2019 — and the gender pay gap between male and female lawyers remains a hot topic. High-profile lawsuits alleging pay inequality continue to be filed in federal and state courts across the country. A 2018 partner compensation survey conducted ...

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The power of paying it forward

If you are an established lawyer, you probably give back to your community by your involvement in civic, charitable and pro bono activities. How many times this year, however, did you “pay it forward” at the office by giving the ...

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