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Superblock team seeks 6th reprieve

More time, please. That was the request last week from an Atlanta- and New York-based development team to the Baltimore Development Corp. for a sixth extension of their exclusive land sale and development agreement for the $150 million Superblock project on the city’s West Side.

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Editorial: A snare of its own making

Call it the fable of the client who wouldn’t abide sound counsel. Just about every lawyer can tell some version of it: The client comes in asking for advice but really only wants permission, a shortcut around the rules, a loophole to make the unlawful lawful.

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Baltimore City Council committee approves local hiring mandate

A proposal to establish a local hiring mandate was passed Tuesday by the Baltimore City Council’s Taxation, Finance and Economic Development Committee after a brief, 15-minute work session.

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Council committee approves resolution on Hyatt staffing

The Baltimore City Council Labor Committee voted Thursday evening in favor of a resolution urging the Hyatt Regency Baltimore hotel to stop hiring contracted workers through staffing companies and to sign a “labor peace” agreement with employees that says the hotel will not interfere with unionization efforts.

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State’s Attorney Bernstein moving office to SunTrust

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein has achieved one of the first goals he announced after taking office in January 2011: Finding new space to consolidate roughly 200 prosecutors, investigators and support staff who are now dispersed throughout the city’s circuit courthouses.

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