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The Baltimore Police Department says it is seeing success with its Crisis Response Team since its inception nearly six months ago. (Chelsea Jones/Capital News Service file photo.)
Jul 28, 2022

Ex-Baltimore Police detective sentenced for helping to plant BB gun, lying on warrants

A former Baltimore Police detective was sentenced after he lied to a grand jury and conspired to violate the civil rights of city residents.

Mar 10, 2021

Baltimore rapper sues former Gun Trace Task Force detective

BALTIMORE — A rapper from Baltimore is suing a former detective who was part of the city’s infamous Gun Trace Task Force for alleged harassment and for what he says was wrongful arrest. The Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday that the rapper is known as Young Moose. His real name Kevron Evans. Evans has claimed that former task […]

Apr 1, 2020

Judge dismisses counts, keeps potential claim against city in GTTF suit

A federal judge dismissed portions of a man’s lawsuit against former Gun Trace Task Force members Tuesday but preserved a claim that the city is liable for allowing the Baltimore Police Department to develop a culture of violating citizens’ rights. Robert Johnson, the passenger in a car stopped by GTTF officers Momodu Gondo and Jemell […]

Mar 10, 2020

Part 2: Davis reflects on police reform, GTTF saga, public disputes

Second of 2 parts In the fall of 2017, Andre M. Davis was excited to join the team responsible for shaping police reform in Baltimore under a newly signed federal consent decree, but the process — though making strides — was marred by setbacks and scandal. Davis agreed to become Baltimore’s city solicitor in January of […]

Feb 25, 2020

Attorneys file 3 more GTTF lawsuits as deadline looms

A Baltimore firm has filed three more lawsuits against former members of the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt, now-disbanded Gun Trace Task Force as the likely deadline to file approaches. The U.S. Attorney’s Office unsealed the indictment against seven of the GTTF defendants on March 1, 2017. Most civil causes of action must be filed within […]

Feb 10, 2020

Baltimore argues it has no duty to pay 2 GTTF judgments

ANNAPOLIS — Baltimore’s attorneys argued Monday that the “horrific conduct” of the police department’s Gun Trace Task Force officers was so egregious that the city is not responsible for indemnifying the officers against civil judgments obtained by victims. Justin S. Conroy, chief solicitor for the city’s Law Department, told the Court of Appeals that state [&hellip[...]

Feb 10, 2020

Baltimore tees up key appellate issues on GTTF liability

State and federal appellate courts will grapple this year with key questions about Baltimore’s liability for the widespread misconduct of its police department’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force — and attorneys representing the officers’ victims are paying attention. The city contends that it cannot be required to pay for judgments against the officers as individuals and that [&helli[...]

Oct 7, 2019

Judge: GTTF officers acted within scope of employment in 2016 false arrest

A Baltimore judge ruled Friday that the city is responsible for paying a $32,000 judgment against former Gun Trace Task Force officers for a 2016 false arrest, but she limited her holding to the facts of the case before her. William James filed suit last year alleging that three GTTF officers stopped his car, pulled him […]

Sep 23, 2019

Baltimore judge to rule on scope of employment in GTTF case

The city and the family of a man who was victimized by the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force are asking a Baltimore judge to rule on whether the Baltimore police officers were acting within the scope of their employment at the time of the victim’s false arrest. The officers must be indemnified by the city if they […]

Sep 18, 2019

Police department appeals ruling on immunity from suit in GTTF case

The Baltimore Police Department will seek an appellate ruling on whether it is a city or a state agency for the purposes of federal lawsuits claiming the department is liable for the misconduct of its officers. U.S. District Judge Ellen L. Hollander issued an opinion and order Sept. 12 denying the department’s motion to dismiss […]

Sep 11, 2019

Editorial Advisory Board: Criminals let out on the streets? Thank the GTTF.

During the last legislative session, Del. Erek Barron of Prince George’s County sponsored a bill allowing prosecutors to move to vacate a conviction if newly discovered information calls into question the integrity of the conviction. The bill passed and will be codified in the Criminal Procedure Article of the Maryland Code at section 8-301.1. It […]

Aug 2, 2019

Family of GTTF victim urges court to order city to pay judgment

A plaintiff seeking an order requiring the city to pay a $32,000 judgment against three former Gun Trace Task Force officers urged the court in a motion filed Wednesday to focus on the facts of the case — a single illegal arrest — and not on the broader criminal conduct of the officers. William James filed […]

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