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There are tides (access required)

A columnist must write concisely. Concision forced me to omit much from my previous column, in which I discussed the mechanics of white privilege. I got to tell readers privilege can be rolled along from one generation to another, as ...

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Report: Race most significant in Baltimore’s lending disparities (access required)

A recent report by a Washington, D.C., advocacy group has confirmed what many organizations that work with low-income families in the city say they’ve already suspected: getting a mortgage in Baltimore isn’t necessarily about one’s credit score, it’s about race. ...

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Sharpton calls for march to fix ‘broken system’

Civil-rights leaders called for a national march and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about how police can avoid confrontations a day after the U.S. Justice Department began investigating the death of a black Staten Island man choked by a white police officer.

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Editorial: After Ferguson (access required)

We still don’t know exactly what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the night of Aug. 9. What we do know is that the events that transpired after the shooting death of Michael Brown are raising sobering issues that go well beyond a small suburban community in the Midwest, issues that should be pondered in this state, too.

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