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Nikki Hasselbarth

Nikki J. Hasselbarth

Nikki J. Hasselbarth

Tax and Wealth Planning Associate
Venable LLP

Nikki J. Hasselbarth went to public school in Baltimore County from pre-K through the 10th grade until moving to a private school through a scholarship from the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (BEST). “I think it significantly changed the trajectory of my life,” she said of the scholarship. “I think it made me interested in education and the power of education.”

The Duke University School of Law graduate has returned to BEST as a recently approved member of their Board of Trustees. Just days after her appointment, Hasselbarth said she is excited to give back to the program.

Participating and volunteering for education-focused groups is important for Hasselbarth. She taught for a year at a Houston, Texas school as a part of the Teach for America program and currently gives her time as a mentor for Higher Achievement Baltimore. “I am dedicated to organizations that work with underserved youth and work to provide them with greater educational opportunities,” she said.

Hasselbarth also participates in the program committee for Stocks in the Future. “I think a lot of underserved students don’t have financial education growing up,” she said. “I think working with a program (Stocks in the Future) that actively is teaching intercity kids and public school kids financial literacy is important.”

Since 2014, Hasselbarth has worked as a Venable LLP tax and wealth planning associate. She helps high net worth individuals manage wealth through estate planning techniques and assists nonprofit organizations of various sizes to obtain tax exempt status and stay in compliance with federal and state laws.

She is driven professionally to be “the best that I can be in anything that I do. I think especially in the (career) that I am in, there really aren’t any people of color. I think that drives me to maintain a certain level of professionalism and to break down barriers.”