The metamorphosis of Cyber Monday

I once worked with an editor who bristled every year at this time. The reason? Stories about "Cyber Monday." It was all marketing hokum, he said. How are the supposed online shopping numbers even verifiable, he'd ask. He questioned running Cyber Monday stories even as every business news competitor with a homepage ran multiple versions throughout the day. Today, it's a hot trending topic on Twitter, and a promoted one no less, as well as ubiquitous hashtag (#CyberMonday). The U.S. Attorney General's Office used the occasion to unveil a sting netting 82 Web domain names for allegedly peddling counterfeit goods. And various reports out Monday are predicting a record 106.9 million Americans shopping online. Shoppers are taking advantage of one-day deals and free shipping and in the process boosting Cyber Monday sales almost 11 percent over last year. That prediction comes from Shop.org, part of the National Retail Federation, in tandem with BIGresearch -- which conducted the shopper poll -- and that's only fitting.

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