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Advocacy, Acrobat, apple cake and more

On slow news days (also known as “My weekend was way too busy, and I have so much work to do that breathing, eating and other life functions seem like luxuries”) I like to suggest other blogs and news stories. Maybe this will help ease you into your week:

  • Jewish apple cake: My new favorite thing. We went to Weber’s Farm a few weeks ago and purchased a Jewish apple cake. I loudly proclaimed it to be my Very Favorite Thing, and I’ve been looking for recipes ever since. I’ve made two so far, one using the recipe stated by There’s A Dad In The Kitchen (I used Golden Delicious apples — not great for eating out of hand, in my opinion, but a decent apple for cooking). Try it out; a great fall treat.
  • Acrobat for Legal Professionals: If you’re an Adobe Acrobat nerd, or want to be one, this site gives you advanced tips and tricks to help you explore Acrobat’s functionality in the law office (see this post on digital letterhead for law firms).
  • MyShingle: Carolyn Elefant, the muse for solos and solo wannabes, has a new edition of her book out (Solo by Choice (2011-2012 Edition): How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be), and is celebrating with a launch on November 30 in Washington, D.C.
  • The Art of Advocacy: We all know Paul Mark Sandler from his numerous writings. (That big red-and-gray book on your shelf about pleadings? That’s him). If you are a new lawyer and need help on persuasion, follow this blog. If you’re an old lawyer and think you know everything, follow this blog.
  • XKCD: Just for fun.

Happy Monday!

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  1. John,
    Thanks for the mention in your post! It created some additional traffic for my blog. That apple cake recipe is a good one, and you have me thinking that it’s time to make another!
    Thanks again!