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Legal battles (literally) in Pakistan

pakistan lawyersNext time you think you had a bad day at the office, consider this:

But lawyers seem to be accorded a special measure of scorn: Many banks refuse to give them loans, and landlords won’t rent them property, fearful that the pettifoggers will find loopholes to worm out of making payments.

That’s the situation in eastern Pakistan, where lawyers have gone from exalted to the strongest antonym you can find in your thesaurus for “exalted,” according to The Washington Post.

Courtroom violence is becoming all too common in the region, where those involved in legal matters are “increasingly fearful of marauding lawyers in their trademark black pants, coats and ties.”

For some context, Pakistani lawyers earn around $150 a month and their “offices” consist of “an open-air warren of rickety chairs, battered desks and crumbling piles of manila-jacketed case files.”

The story also has a quote from a judge who struck a lawyer with a paperweight in court last year. It concludes with this gem from a local bar association president:

“We’ve had only one episode of an advocate throwing his shoes at the judge.”

So they have that going for them, which is nice.