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What about David Craig?

One candidate for governor and his running mate are curiously missing from the recent lawsuit filed  in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Thursday that seeks an injunction against an opinion issued on campaign fundraising.

Harford County Executive David Craig

Harford County Executive David Craig

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman and Maryland State Board of Elections Administrator Linda Lamone are all named as defendants in the suit filed  [subscriber access] by supporters of Doug Gansler.

The board issued a memo Dec. 19 that effectively barred Gansler and his running mate Del. Jolene Ivey from raising money during the 90-day General Assembly session under a law that prohibits state elected officials from doing so during the session. That same memo allows Ulman to raise money by claiming that the law does not apply to him even though it does apply to Brown.

That memo also would allow Harford County Executive David Craig, a Republican,  to continue to raise money for his gubernatorial bid despite the fact that his running mate Del. Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio legally cannot.

So what gives?

“They haven’t filed to run,” said Daniel Clements, a long-time supporter of Democrats in Maryland and the attorney who filed suit against Brown and Ulman. “Brown and Ulman have filed. Until they file for office, [Craig] is not running. The law clearly doesn’t apply to him because he has not filed.”

Clements took it a step further and gave a reason why the law might never apply to Craig.

“He’s running for governor and raising money for the top spot on the ticket,” Clements said. “The appearances are entirely different.

“The whole purpose of the law is to avoid bribery during session and the appearance of impropriety. The session doesn’t mean anything to [Craig],” Clements said.

The attorney, who is a partner  in the firm of Salsbury Clements Bekman Marder & Adkins LLC, said he believes Brown has not “taken the honorable course by trying to skirt the law.”

So does that mean Clements wouldn’t have filed suit if Brown and Ulman had not yet filed to run for governor and lieutenant governor?

“I don’t have to answer that because it’s not something I have to worry about,” Clements said. “I haven’t devoted any time to thinking about that.”