Study assesses BGE economic impact at $3.8B

A study conducted by the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Foundation estimates that  Baltimore Gas and Electric generated a total economic impact of $3.81 billion of output and supported 8,686 jobs in the region last year.

This resulted from the company’s direct effect, the effect of companies that provide services to BGE and the effect of employees of both BGE and the service companies. BGE’s activities contribute more than 2 percent of the entire economic output of the BGE service area in central Maryland, the study found.

“We are proud to be able to support our partners in their goal of measuring and understanding their importance to the region’s workforce and economy,” said Tom Sadowski, President and CEO of the EAGB. “Our chief market analyst, Patrick Dougherty, did a tremendous job of assessing and articulating the impact of BGE’s economic contributions to the region.”

EAGB was commissioned by BGE to conduct the study, which used independently verifiable information provided by BGE. Three primary areas of BGE activity were analyzed: operations, energy management and charitable giving. Operations activities include the daily transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas to customers. Energy management includes the administration and results of programs designed to efficiently manage or reduce customer energy consumption. Charitable giving activities are related to BGE’s community investment programs.

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