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Planit ad agency to open Key Highway coffeehouse

Rendering of Order and Chaos (Planit rendering)

Rendering of Order and Chaos (Planit rendering)

Planit ad agency will be opening up its own public craft coffee shop just months after its move to a new office.

The South Baltimore advertising company, in an effort to connect with the community and expand its brand, plans to open Order and Chaos in August.

“Our office is a creative environment, so we thought, let’s extend that,” said Matt Doud, Planit president and co-founder. “It’s a cool way to connect to the neighborhood.”

With the new, bigger space, Planit “had the opportunity to do a lot of different things” in its Key Highway office, said Ed Callahan, the agency’s co-founder and creative strategist.

“There isn’t a lot of retail, not a lot of ways the community can kind of connect in the area,” Callahan said. He said he wants the shop to stand out with a more modern style, rather than being an “old-school community, chalkboard-menu coffee shop.”

The South Baltimore-Federal Hill area already has its fair share of coffee shops – there are six cafes and coffee sellers within a mile of the Planit office, five of them local small businesses.

“It’s not about beating the others,” Doud said. “We want to continue growing this part of Baltimore … there’s so much there with coffee, there’s something for everyone.”

Some of Order and Chaos’ competitors said they were fine with the friendly competition.

“[Order and Chaos] is on our radar, but I don’t think we would be really actually catering to the same clientele,” said Philip Glenn, general manager of 3 Bean Coffee, which opened in 2015 and emphasizes craft coffees.

Coffee is a broad market, and there is room for other shops to pop up, Glenn said. “Baltimore is experiencing what D.C. was experiencing five or 10 years ago. … We’re in that infancy phase, but we’re growing and expanding, and the audience is growing as well.”

Deborah Cogan, co-owner of Spoons Café in Federal Hill, less than a mile from Planit, said that while she had not heard about Order and Chaos, she, too, wasn’t worried about a new coffeehouse in the neighborhood.

“I think there’s always more room for new businesses, there’s more demand for great coffee,” said Cogan, whose café has been around since 1999. “There’s nothing wrong with more coffee and restaurants opening, there are always more and more people coming and going around here.”

Planit has hired a new manager for the coffee shop to work on developing coffee blends, picking out menu items and getting the shop off the ground.

“All of our vendors have Baltimore ties,” said Ryan Herzing, who has worked in hospitality and restaurant management for more than a decade. Order and Chaos will use Pfefferkorn Coffee, a Locust Point roastery that has been around since 1900.

The coffeehouse earned its name as an homage to the two different sides of the advertising business – while the accounting and business side provides the order, Doud said, the creative side adds in the chaos.

“There’s usually a battle between the business and the creative,” Doud said. “We want to bridge the two.”